What will I see?

During the one and a half hour tour, visitors get an expert account of historical facts and interesting stories about the so-called Central Fortress, which is located in an area of over 13 hectares. There are several buildings in the area of the Fortress, which were used as stores, offices or dormitories for accommodating the soldiers.

Fortress in Komárno


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Ticket Office


The ticket office is located at the back of the City Police building on Hradná ul. č. 3692.

Statue of the Stone Virgin

The statue of a young girl, which symbolises the invincibility of the Fortress.

New Fortress


Built during the 17th century on the orders of the Emperor Ferdinand III. Habsburg.

Gunpowder Depot of St. Barbara


It is a military ammunition store, which was built at the beginning of the 19th century.

Army Barracks


It is a two-storey "U"-shape building, which copies the shape of walls of the New Fortress.

Headquarters Building


Residential building for the officers and commanders of the Fortress, built in 1815.

Old Fortress


It is the oldest part of the fortification system, built in the 16th century.

Buildings of the former ammunition factory


The construction works started in the 1960s. Situated north to the Fortress.

Parking lot


In front of the Fortress is a big parking lot, which is suitable for cars and buses.